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P-Tech was established on 12th March, 2015, is headquartered in Delhi, India.

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P-Tech is a professional software, website development company, based in India, that endeavour on highly proficient, timely delivered and cost effective software and website development services.

Our customers endorsing the value we add to their business, everyday, is the biggest testament to our promise of taking the relationship beyond the contract.

We are global in our thinking and our actions. We are energized by the deep connectedness between people, ideas, communities and the environment.


Starting of project without doing proper research work lead our project to downfall. So research plays a key role in the future of the business.


As we know that 'first impression is the last impression', our designers make this possible. The look and feel of our all projects are at the top.


The main work of our development team is to deploy simple and understandable feature and functionality.


After doing all the research, design and development work, your business is ready to make an online identity

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A solution for every need

Our team is always ready to give the best solution which will help you to grow your business like a speed of light and also make your online presence very strongly.

  • Save Time & Cost

    We find an alternative with the most cost-effective or highest achievable performance under the given constraints, by maximising desired factors ad minimizing undesired ones.

  • Faster Delivery

    We believe that time is money and so your project is delivered within the time and in your budget and with supreme quality which play a key role to grow your business.

  • Premium Support

    In case you need it, We got you covered, with our premium quality fast support service.

P-Tech Included

P-Tech always ready to help you in all situations. We help you to save your time and money which is very essential thing in our life. Our experienced client support service team is ready and capable to solve any problem.


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Take the control of your web with P-Tech. We develop your website and application according to your need.



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